Week 2 (World Religion)

Name the 3 main Indian Religions and explain their doctrine (teaching) in 200 words.


Week 5

Please list 3 questions you might hear during a counseling or group counseling session & give me discoveries they’ll make? For example, “Where is God in all of this?” This question helps the counselee discover in the most difficult times, God is with you.

Week 4

Reflect in 150 words. You are leading or pastoring a young group/ministry. Many of them are students, young parents. The elders of your group/ministry have a spiritual maturity, but they also seem to like the energy and enthusiasm of younger attendees. I think we need to show all of our people that the group/ministry is not called to deny or push our young people away. What would you do to communicate this message to your group/ministry. Give practical answers.

Welcome to Week 3

Compare Crisis-centered counseling group with Problem-centered counseling group and list strategies that a group leader could use in keeping a crisis-centered counseling group from becoming problem centered. Share your thoughts.