Acts of the Apostles (BI 510) Dr. Thorpe

Read chapter 8:1-3 in the book of Acts (Saul persecuting the church) and evaluate your perspective and post an emerging brief statement answering the questions: What does this passage add to our understanding of the purpose of evangelism? Is your church intentional in its evangelism ministry?


Week 4

Compare James 2:14-26 to Galatians 3:6-14. Some argue that Paul is preaching grace alone and James works alone. Give your synopsis of these two passages. Do they agree or disagree in 100 words? Due this week.

  • Assignments due this week:
    • According 1 John who or what is an “anti-Christ”? Question will be due on next week on Tues by 5pm. No class on next week.
  • PowerPoint presentation outline due on next week by 5pm.
  • Class will resume in week 6 on Sept. 26th. Be prepared to present power point.